Virtual Event Production is the upcoming trend for corporate meetings, conferences, conventions, and online exhibitions, becoming rapidly a new standard for companies around the world.

With a slow but steady growth over the last few years, VE production has suddenly shot to the forefront of corporate communications as companies adjust to the new normal past the Covid 19 crisis.

Together with our experience in A/V event coverage, we have developed remote production tools that, combined with livestreaming and our in-house VR infrastructure, will provide you with a professional, impactful, seamless solution for your virtual event production from anywhere in Spain, and North Africa to everywhere in the world.


At Freshwave Production Media we are ready to host you with the necessary tools to launch your own virtual event. We are THE VIRTUAL EVENT PRODUCTION COMPANY IN SPAIN, one of the first companies in the country to provide a fully integrated service, allowing you to take your presentations, conferences, and conventions to the next level.


  • Choose from an endless range of options, backdrops, and configurations, to tailor your show, just the way you want it.
  • Save time and money on travel expenses, avoid restrictions, and reduce your environmental footprint all at once, without compromising on a professional appearance.
  • Connect with thousands of people from around the globe.
  • Unlimited reach – talk to, and with, a much larger audience Virtual eventing will bring your presentation, meeting, congress or convention to a whole new level.


Feel free to contact us to find out more.