About us

Freshwave Production started back in the year 2000 as a freelancer providing camera and editing services in different places around the world. After living abroad for over 10 years, its founder, Guillermo Cabrera-Blanca, the actual head of production, returned back to his home country and settled in Madrid establishing FRESHWAVE PRODUCTION MEDIA SERVICES AND COMMUNICATION, as a comprehensive media production service company. Since then, and always collaborating with professionals who love their job, Freshwave Production has consolidated as one of the best media and production service providers in Spain.



Head of production, DoP.

Guillermo Cabrera-Blanca

Head of production, DoP

Filming is a vital part of my life, is what I do best and what I enjoy the most, but now I have to take care of the Business and prodution is taking over. I have a passion for hi-tech gear and new technology as well as photography and picture in motion.

After travelling around the world, filming in so many different countries and enviroments, I realized and understood that I could be of a great help to others coming to film in Spain, as I know what it takes to be filming abroad.


Communication and PR manager

Raquel Ramos

Communication and PR manager

With 20 years of experience in PR and journalism, Raquel was in charge of setting the strategic implementation of the first social media network in Spain: MySpace. Over the last seven years Raquel is been leading VIACOM PR team (MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Channel, Comedy Central) and coordinating campaigns for record companies such as EMI Music or SONY Music. During her years as a journalist, she created and directed several TV formats for MTV and Canal + in London and Madrid, interviewing over 500 celebrities all over the world.


Production Coordinator. Madrid.

David Mira

Production Coordinator. Madrid

With an extensive background in TV and media production as well as in the music and entertainment industry, I love bein in the field, taking the challenges and helping producers from all over the world to archieve their goals when they come to Spain for a shoot.


Production Coordinator. Barcelona.

Celia Belloc

Production Coordinator. Barcelona.

Everytime I am on a job I realize how lucky I am to be doing what I like the most. I am a people’s person, and I love been the Freshwave Production Barcelona’s link


Production Coordinator, surf photographer. Fuerteventura

Raquel Ramos

Production Coordinator, surf photographer. Fuerteventura

Surfing and filming and shooting how others surf. That is what I like the most. I also help FWP to coorditate the shoots here in the Canary islands.